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Welcome to our Chat Rooms. With this option you can chat to UK Swingers across the entire world, real time, and use a variety of specialist Swingers Chat Rooms to suit your tastes whether Straight, Bi-sexual, Gay, BDSM, CD, TV or TS. Inside each Swingers Chat Room you have the capability to view adult personals of swingers as you talk to them. Regular users of the Sensual Swingers Chat Room use several abbreviations to make chat flow quicker for them and reduce the amount of typing. We have decided to compile a glossary of terms to help you get into the ‘swing’ of things quicker!

  • ASL - Age, Sex, Location
  • BBL- Be Back Later
  • BBW - Big Beautiful Woman
  • BDSM - Bondage/Domination/Sado Masochism
  • BRB - Be Right Back
  • C2C - Web cam to web cam
  • CD - Cross Dresser
  • FFS - For F*cks Sake
  • LMAO - Laughed My Arse Off
  • LMFAO - Laughed My F*cking Arse Off
  • LOL - Laughed Out Loud
  • MF - Male,Female
  • MFF - Male,Female,Female
  • MFM - Male,Female,Male
  • PM - Private Message
  • M8 - Mate
  • PMSL - Pissed Myself Laughing
  • ROFL - Rolled On Floor Laughing
  • ROFLMFAO - Rolled On Floor Laughing My F*cking Arse Off
  • TS - Transsexual
  • TV - Transvestite
  • WB - Welcome Back

The Sensual Swingers Chat Rooms are one of our most successful mediums for contacting swinging members by placing real time swingers adverts and yielding quick hits. So if you are looking to make adult contact tonight then chat is the best place to do it! Choose a Chat Room and away you go! 

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