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  • What is it? Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a specific strain of Chlamydia Though LGV is common in parts of Africa and Asia, in the UK LGV has only really been diagnosed in gay men. Between October 2004 and July 2005 there were 140 cases of LGV in the UK and 80% of the men who had it were also HIV positive.
  • Symptoms: The onset of symptoms varies widely.
  • The first symptoms may appear from three to 30 days after exposure this can be in the form of a sore on your penis or vagina, in your anus on in your mouth. Some people donít get a sore and even those who do get a sore might not notice it. Some people notice a burning when urinating.
  • Stage 2 LGV makes your glands swell. If you have LGV on your penis, the glands in your groin will probably swell. If you have LGV in your anus, you might get an inflamed anus and develop ulcers and abscesses. You may notice blood and puss when you defecate. If you have LGV in your mouth, the glands in your throat could swell, as might the glands in your arm pits.

If you donít get LGV treated, the symptoms can become more severe and cause lasting damage to health.

  • Transmission: Unprotected anal sex and fisting without latex gloves are the most common ways of getting LGV. Similarly, fisting more than one person with the same glove could result in the spread of LGV.
  • Treatment: LGV is a form of Chlamydia so to test for LGV a doctor will take an anal swab. If this initial swab tests positive for Chlamydia then additional tests will need to be carried out.
    Antibiotics such as tetracycline or sulfamethoxazole are the treatment for LGV.
  • Post Treatment:
  • Use a male or female condom
  • Carefully wash genitals after sexual contact
  • If you think you are infected, avoid any sexual contact and visit your local STD clinic, a hospital or your doctor relations
  • Notify all sexual contacts immediately so they can obtain examination and treatment

Click here for a list of agencies you can contact should you require further information or help.

If there are†any health workers that could help us keep our pages updated please mail us as we†are very aware that new research and information is constantly being published on LGV. Your help would be much appreciated.

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