Arousal by unusual sexual practices - Paraphilia

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Paraphilia is a term which describes sexual arousal by unusual sexual practices. Listed below is a list of paraphiliac subjects J-Z. For more paraphilic practices click on the link at the bottom of the page.


  • Judeophilia: Sexual arousal by Jewish people


  • Kleptophilia: Sexual arousal by stealing and theft
  • Klismaphilia: Arousal from enemas


  • Lachanophilia: Sexual arousal by vegetables
  • Lockiophilia: Sexual arousal by childbirth


  • Macrophilia: Arousal from larger people and large body organs such as breasts
  • Maiesiophilia: Arousal from pregnant women
  • Martmachilia: Arousal from being watched during sex
  • Masochism: Arousal from wanting to be humiliated, beaten and bound
  • Microphilia: Arousal by small things and things of smaller size
  • Moriaphilia: Arousal from telling dirty jokes
  • Mysophilia: Arousal by soiled, dirty, foul or decaying material


  • Necrophilia: Arousal from dead bodies
  • Necrozoophilia: Arousal from the corpses or killings of animals


  • Oculolinctus: Arousal from licking eyeballs
  • Odontophilia: Arousal from teeth


  • Paraphilia: Arousal by anything unusual
  • Phallophilia: Arousal from large penises
  • Pictophilia: Arousal through the use of pictorial pornography
  • Plushophilia: Arousal by stuffed toys or people in animal costume
  • Pornolagnia: Arousal by prostitutes
  • Pyrophilia: Arousal through fire
  • Phygephilia: Arousal from kissing buttocks



  • Retifism: Sexual arousal from shoes
  • Rhabdophilia: Arousal by the thought of being severely punished
  • Rupophilia: Sexual arousal by dirt


  • Sadism: Arousal by acts in which the pain of the victim is sexually exciting
  • Shrimping: Arousal from sucking toes
  • Sitophilia: Arousal from food
  • Somnophilia: Fondling a sleeping stranger


  • Teledildonics: Arousal from computer sex games
  • Telephone scatologia: Arousal by making obscene telephone calls
  • Teratophilia: Arousal by deformed or monstrous people
  • Tragolimia: Arousal from being denied sexual contact
  • Trichophilia: Arousal from hair


  • Urolagnia: Arousal by urine


  • Vorarephilia: Arousal by cannibalism
  • Voyeurism: Arousal from watching people undress or have sex


  • Wiccaphilia: Sexual arousal by witchcraft and witches 


  • Xenophilia: Sexual attraction to foreigners



  • Zelophilia: Arousal from jealousy
  • Zoonymphia: Arousal by animals

Due to he huge number of differing sexual practices we have either read about or discussed with our members we have now dedicated two pages to paraphilia. "Paraphilia A-I" and "Paraphilia J-Z"  If you come across any more please contact us

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