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From the dawn of time promiscuity has ensured the place in history of many figures. As the modern human becomes conditioned to new levels of sexual explicitness we look back at our forefathers and realise that although not widely reported, their sexual appetite was no weaker nor restrained than that of our generation.

  • King Solomon of Israel (c. 973-c. 933 BC) enjoyed 700 wives and around 300 mistresses. His wives were mainly to further foreign diplomacy and thereby protect his kingdom. It is claimed by religious scholars that the fact King Solomon produced only one son was a punishment by God for his violation of monogamy.
  • Roman Emperor Augustus’ daughter, Julia (39BC-14AD) was beautiful, intelligent, highly educated, and witty. She wanted for only one thing…..sexual gratification. Her lovers seemed to include most of the youth of Rome and she often took to the streets of Rome in pursuit of satisfaction. Her actions and the embarrassment they caused ensured she was exiled to a desolate island after supposedly sleeping with over 8,000 men. 
  • Valeria Messalina (22-48 AD) was another Roman female insatiable and also the wife of Roman Emperor Claudius. She too entertained over 8,000 men in her lifetime. She became notorious when she challenged Rome’s most famous prostitute to a contest, and won after entertaining 25 men in less than 24 hours.
  • Queen Kahina of the Berbers (c. 650?-702) relied on her ample figure and sexuality to withstand the Arab invasions. She was not especially attractive but was such an intriguing figure that it is said she ruled over a mighty harem of men, estimated at over 1,000, willing to accommodate her every wish.
  • Maharaja Bhupendra Singh of Patiala (1670-1733) was a man for all seasons with 365 wives. Every evening he would light 365 lanterns with the name of one of his wives inscribed on it. The wife whose lamp went out first would be his for the night.
  • King George IV (1762-1830), at the age of 17, was said to have become too fond of women. An heir to the throne he was also a hair fetish collecting a lock of hair from each of his 7,000 lovers. After he died 7,000 envelopes, containing enough hair to stuff a sofa were found among his personal effects.
  • Fath-'Ali the Shah of Persia (1771-1834) had over1000 wives
    He adhered to a passage in the scriptures stating that he should produce many offspring and install them ask Princes throughout the kingdom to unify his people, hence the Persian proverb "Camels, fleas, and princes exist everywhere."
  • Mademoiselle Dubois (c. 1770) was the inspiration for the Marquis de Sade’s Philosophy in the Boudoir. The renowned French Actress made a catalogue of her lovers over a 20-year period with the final count being 16,527 individuals (about three per day).
  • King Fatafehi Paulah (1770-84), claimed that it was his royal duty to deflower every maiden in his kingdom and was performing his task 8-10 times a day. It is fair to assume he would have slept with 37,800 damsels during his reign.
  • King Edward VII (1841-1910), rebelling against his strict childhood, turned to indulging himself in women much like King George IV. He found himself implicated in several divorce cases and slept with three different women a week for nearly half a century giving a grand total of 7,800.
  • King Ibn-Saud (1880-1953) of Saudi Arabia, from the age of 11 until his death at 72, did every night what King Edward VII did every week so would have had a total of 20,000 different liaisons throughout his lifetime. As well as this he had400 wives throughout his life and at any one point he had four wives, four concubines and four slaves. Again the marriages were mainly for diplomacy and political support.
  • Brigitte Bardot (b. 1934) boasted that she "must have a man every night." From her beginning life’s sexual journey she is estimated to have bedded 4,980 men.
  • Wilt Chamberlain (1936-2000), the legendary basketball star, claimed to have intercourse with over 20,000 women in his autobiography. That is even more than legendary porn star John Curtis Holmes (1944-1988) who through work slept with14,000 ladies.

A new feat of sexual prowess has been committed to video with:

  • Annabel Chong ( Grace Qek), a Singaporean porn star, who had sex with 251 different men one after the other in a ten hour marathon in 1995 after originally setting her sights on 300.
  • This was beaten by Jasmine St Clair in 1996
  • Again in 1999 by porn legend Houston who hit the 620 mark but both used only 50 or so men over and over.

Several claims have been made over the years with the ‘gang bang’ becoming an annual event:

  • Porn stars Candy Apples who incidentally was a ‘fluffer’ for Houston reached 743 before the LAPD broke up the event.
  • British star Sabrina Johnson is credited for the first woman to reach 2,000 over 2 days in Belgium in 1999 and at present this is the world record.
  • Ladies, if that isn’t enough to make you clutch your genitals and say ‘ouch’ Victoria Givens set the World Anal Gang Bang in 2004 having anal sex 101 times without lubrication! 

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