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The phrase ‘Soft Swing’ has its origins in 1970’s Southern California’s Club "WideWorld" to describe its philosophy. It was, in effect, a change of direction in swinging as it had become and offered an alternative to the many hard core clubs in Los Angeles around that time.

Soft swing was the term used by "Club WideWorld" to describe those people who wanted swinging to be an experience to savour in a ‘no rush, hassle free’ environment. It offered swingers the opportunity to socialise as opposed to turn up, strip off and have sex.

The term ‘Soft Swing’ was used by other clubs to mean various things over the next couple of decades. The most popular term is that soft swing means having sex in the company of others but only with one’s partner. This can be physical touching and interacting with others as far as oral sex and masturbation but penetrative sex is reserved for partners. 
Many couples begin swinging through soft swing before progressing onto more intimate contact with other swingers. A natural progression would be from ‘same room’ to ‘girl-girl’ and then onto ‘soft swap’. Let’s look at each term in turn.

  • Same Room: Same room soft swinging is when a couple has sex and intimate contact with each other in the presence of other swingers. They can be observed or other couples can be having sex in close proximity but not interaction is done except with their own partners.
  • Girl-Girl: Girl-girl soft swinging is where females play together and their partners watch or have sex with them simultaneously but again, the males only have sex with their partner. This is a popular form of swinging as female bisexuality is generally more acceptable than male bisexuality. It satisfies the curiosity or desire for the female to have same sex interaction and also provides a visual satisfaction for the males.
  • Soft Swap: Soft swap swinging is often girl-girl with interaction from the males but no penetrative sex takes place with anyone other than partners. Boundaries are usually agreed before play commences as to what each couple is comfortable with and can be restricted to kissing, mutual masturbation, oral sex or toys.

One of the pillars of swinging is ‘no pressure’. Couples should not be afraid to state their boundaries of soft swinging and expect them to be respected by potential play mates.

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