Paraphilia -arousal by unusual sexual practices

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Paraphilia is a term which describes sexual arousal by unusual sexual practices. Listed below is a list of paraphiliac subjects A-I. For more paraphilic practices click on the link at the bottom of the page.


  • Abasiophilia: Arousal by people wearing surgical appliances or leg braces
  • Acrotomophilia: Arousal by amputees
  • Agalmatophilia: Arousal by statues, tailors dummies or immobility
  • Algolagnia: Arousal from pain  
  • Amaurophilia: Arousal from blind folding your partner
  • Amomaxia: Arousal from having sex in parked cars 
  • Androminetophilia: Arousal from seeing women dressed as men
  • Apodysophilia: Arousal from undressing
  • Apotemnophilia: Arousal from having a healthy limb amputated
  • Aquaphilia: Arousal from water or in watery environments
  • Aretifism: Arousal from bare feet
  • Asiaphilia: Arousal from Asians and Asian culture
  • Asphyxiophilia: Arousal by restricted airways
  • Autoscopophilia: Arousal from looking at ones own genitals
  • Autogynephilia: Arousal by thinking of oneself as a woman
  • Axillism: Arousal by armpits


  • Bactrachophilia: Sexual arousal by reptiles
  • Belonephilia: Sexual arousal by pins and needles
  • Bromidrosiphilia: Sexual arousal by body odours
  • Brontophilia: Arousal by thunder storms and lightning


  • Celebriphillia: Arousal from the desire to have sex with a celebrity
  • Chronophilia: Sexual attraction to people a different age
  • Coprophilia: Arousal from faeces


  • Dacrylagnia: Arousal from people crying
  • Dendrophilia: Arousal by trees
  • Diaperism: Arousal by having a diaper (nappy) put on
  • Doraphilia: Sexual attraction to fur garments


  • Emetophilia: Arousal from seeing people vomit or being vomited on
  • Eproctophilia: Arousal from flatulating or hearing people flatulate
  • Exhibitionism: Arousal from undressing or performing sex acts in front of others


  • Forniphilia: Arousal from making furniture from humans in bondage
  • Formicophilia: Arousal from insects touching genitals
  • Frotteurism: Arousal from touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person


  • Galactophilia: Arousal by human milk or lactating women
  • Gerontophilia: Arousal by the elderly
  • Gynemimetophilia: Desire to have sex with a Transvestite


  • Harmatophilia: Arousal from a sexually inadequate partner
  • Harpaxophilia: Arousal from being robbed or mugged
  • Hematolagnia: Arousal by blood
  • Hybristophilia: Arousal by people who have committed cruel or outrageous crimes


  • Iantronudia: Arousal from being asked to undress for a medical examination
  • Infantilism: Arousal from dressing, acting, or being treated as a baby

Due to he huge number of differing sexual practices we have either read about or discussed with our members we have now dedicated two pages to paraphilia. "Paraphilia A-I" and "Paraphilia J-Z"  If you come across any more please contact us

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