Dangerous Liasons

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It was Dr Alfred Kinsey who said “The only unnatural sex act is the one you can’t perform” but I suspect this was an off the cuff remark and an attempt at humour. The unnatural is exclusive to the human race. We fly in the face of nature. What separates humans from the animal kingdom in general is the pursuit of sex as a recreational thing as opposed to purely a reproductive thing. With the abundance of sexual stimulation available, for many achieving that sexual high has become more difficult as the mind becomes conditioned to stimulus. This has led the human race to experiment in different ways to achieve that high and with some success. However the pursuit of success is always littered with failures, some with catastrophic consequences, some which are yet to be accepted as dangerous through ignorance and some which are down right hilarious.

In 1974, a letter to the "British Medical Journal," from London's St. Bartholomew's Hospital mentioned two patients were admitted through the accident and emergency department "with a painful vibrating umbilicus". Both the patients were young homosexuals. What had happened was that...

their vibrators had been lost into the rectum through the anus, apparently at the moment of orgasm.

The vibrator was removed from one patient easily enough but the other required a general anaesthetic.

The most dangerous singular activity would be autoerotic asphyxiation. This technique is the deliberate constriction of blood flowing to the brain while masturbating. The lack of oxygen produces light-headedness, supposedly enhancing the sexual experience. On occasion the carotid artery collapses, producing unconsciousness in seconds, and eventually death. 1000 deaths a year throughout the USA are reported as a result of this activity.

Japanese prostitutes offer the ultimate pleasure to a man. The girl, working in a boat, leans over the side and ducks her head into the water.

The customer enters her from behind, experiencing vaginal spasms around his penis as the woman reacts to her near drowning.

Several prostitutes have been held under against their will and died as a result leading to murder charges being pressed.

The practice of fisting began in homosexual communities in Japan but spread across the world to heterosexual groups. Originally a practice where a whole fist is inserted into the anus, the heterosexual fisting is mainly focussed on the vagina. Extreme cases of fisting can result in severe trauma to the walls of the rectum or vagina such as tearing or fissures leading to internal bleeding and permanent deformity. The risk of strangulated haemorrhoids is greater as is that of a perianal haematoma.

Medical experts are in agreement that fisting is perhaps one of the most underestimated dangerous sexual activities today.

The weakening of the vaginal or anal wall leads to the area becoming more susceptible to STI’s. To date the number of deaths due to fisting is on the increase through disease as a result and the direct link between fisting and cervical or colon cancer is strengthening as research gathers information.

Watersports is the term applied to urinating on a partner. Medical experts see it as a means of transferring infection by ingestion and digestion and it even carries a moderate risk of passing HIV.

Bondage is obviously dangerous. A very experienced hand is needed to put this pastime in any credible safety zone and the risks are all too easy to see. Death by asphyxiation, damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles are commonplace in any form of restriction.

The use of substances to enhance sexual feeling and arousal has become a massive part of the swinging club scene of late. Recreational drugs to lessen inhibitions or drugs to increase stamina or sexual prowess are not taken without risk. Sildenafil Citrate, commonly known as Viagra, can cause death in men who suffer from cardiovascular problems. Other side effects include hepatic and renal malfunction (liver and kidney failure), hypotension, retinal disorders and even strokes and heart attacks. The risks of drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine sulphate (speed), Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), Amyl Nitrate (poppers), methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy) and just about every other drug found on the club circuit are well publicised with death being the severe repercussion.

There are many variations of sexual stimulation and what works for one may not work for another. With every act there are precautions but at the height of sexual excitement some disregard the welfare and feelings of their partner and can often place them in greater danger in pursuit of their own satisfaction. Trust is the big issue here and without it sex can become a dangerous pastime.

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